Welcome to St Barnabas Church, Southfields London SW18


Above: The St Barnabas Triptych

Welcome to St Barnabas Church, Southfields London SW18




St Barnabas is an Anglican church in the heart of the Southfields Grid. St Barnabas welcomes young families and has a number of child-friendly facilities throughout the Church including a crèche, Sunday School, Drama Group and toys on hand!

The Church has a large, active and committed congregation from the local area. It aims to be a place of welcome for people of every age and background, where a thoughtful and rooted faith can be found. [Read on...]

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An afternoon in New Scotland Yard

I had not been arrested and neither was I being interviewed about nefarious deeds in the parish. I was there because I needed an ID card for when I turn up at Wandsworth Police Station for meetings of the Independent Advisory Panel. Getting through security was an enjoyable version of negotiating the similar systems at Heathrow- everyone was good humoured and friendly, partly no doubt because the security team considerably outnumbered its sole customer. I did need to convince them though that I really did have nothing on me apart from a passport and a set of keys and I really wasn’t trying to smuggle a minute mobile phone into the building!

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