Welcome to St Barnabas Church, Southfields London SW18


Above: The St Barnabas Triptych; copyright Katie Ault 2012.

Welcome to St Barnabas Church, Southfields London SW18

 Commemoration of World War 1: 3pm, 3rd August

At St Paul’s Wimbledon Park. Preacher Bishop Richard.

Guest: the Mayor of London. Poems/ Prayers and Hymns. 


St Barnabas is an Anglican church in the heart of the Southfields Grid. St Barnabas welcomes young families and has a number of child-friendly facilities throughout the Church including a crèche, Sunday School, Drama Group and toys on hand!

The Church has a large, active and committed congregation from the local area. It aims to be a place of welcome for people of every age and background, where a thoughtful and rooted faith can be found. [Read on...]

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An afternoon in New Scotland Yard

I had not been arrested and neither was I being interviewed about nefarious deeds in the parish. I was there because I needed an ID card for when I turn up at Wandsworth Police Station for meetings of the Independent Advisory Panel. Getting through security was an enjoyable version of negotiating the similar systems at Heathrow- everyone was good humoured and friendly, partly no doubt because the security team considerably outnumbered its sole customer. I did need to convince them though that I really did have nothing on me apart from a passport and a set of keys and I really wasn’t trying to smuggle a minute mobile phone into the building!

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