A composer praises traditional morality

James MacMillan has written a cheering piece in Standpoint magazine putting forward a strong case for the silliness of the myth that creativity requires a rejection of family, domesticity and religion. He insists that it is an illusion which grips both those on the Right and the Left. It is full of wise thoughts- for example:

What began as light headed teenage rebellion has become a cultural regime which judges artists and their work on the basis of how they contribute to the remodelling, or indeed the overthrow of society’s core institutions and ethics.

He queries the way that the celebration of faithful love and life that he and his chief collaborator, the poet Michael Symmons Roberts, put at the centre of their artistic work is often looked upon critically by cultural commentators. He is glad that some artists have found the courage to put the culture of life, not death, back into the public square.

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