A funeral, a wedding and 6 dustbin lids.

Being a member of the clergy is a bit like being a spook- no one is quite sure what you do, but they suspect you are up to no good!

On monday I took the funeral of Jeff Bartley, who I did not know, but who was one of those people that I wish I had met. Similar politics and background, with a common concern with and love for the environment, I felt honoured to have been involved with trying to help his family at such a sorrowful time. He was also a lifelong public servant and an incredibly committed governor at Sheringdale school.

Yesterday, as well as chairing the Grid Residents Association in the evening and meeting with Mary and Joy to discussĀ  our Vision in the morning, I spent an enjoyable 10 minutes or so in the afternoon in Homebase hunting for dustbins. Mysteriously they had no bins, but plenty of lids, and the very friendly and helpful staff eventually allowed me to take 6 home, as back-up for the ones that regularly disappear from outside the church.

Today, along with meeting with Anna about the halls, I have spent time with 2 council officers trying to move forward with the idea of creating a community garden in Hanford Close, and preparing for Saturday’s wedding, which along with writing a short sermon has necessitated contacting their florist!

As always I was cheered by the arrival of Ruth’s Private Eye. After the disheartening victory for those who think women bishops can have no legitimate authority in a church whose supreme governor is a Queen, it is always good to get a sense of perspective. A cartoon in which a bishop rejoices at the chance to buy the latest CD by Girls not Allowed, a piece headed ‘ Church tells Cameron ‘it’s time for women ministers’ and another asking ‘where are all the top women atheists?’ all help.

The church has its faults, but at least it has the survival of ancient prejudices to account for its inequalities, the bien pensants have less excuse!

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