A guided walk around Wimbledon Park Lake

At 9am yesterday morning I was fortunate to be given a guided walk around the shoreline of the lake on the golf course and Wimbledon Club side. Martin, who was my guide, has lived in the area for over 30 years and is fascinated by the history and ecology of the lake and passionate about its preservation and protection. The biggest challenge faced is the state of the lake itself, because of the low depth and poor qualityof the water, due to the accumulatiion of silt and pollution. Looking after the lake and surrounding park is a huge challenge because of the complex web of owners and users who aren’t always able to rise above narrow group self interest and unite to secure its future. Many millions of pounds will be needed to preserve the lake and restore its depleted habitat and a huge amount of energy will need to be unleashed if we are to ensure that a place that gives so much pleasure to so many will be there, and hopefully in an improved state for decades to come. The newly formed Friends of Wimbledon Park are working hard with all those concerned to put together a plan and raise funds to protect and enhance this precious public space and environmental haven.

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