A harvest of harvests

Vicars are well known for conducting a large amount of Carol services, but this year I have broken my record for harvest services. Last week I talked about the subject using the model of the American Thanksgiving to assemblies at Sheringdale and Riversdale schools. Then we had our own in church on Sunday, which was well attended and led into a tremendous lunch in the hall.

Tuesday saw Schubert house from St Cecilia’s joining us for a harvest communion, and then this morning Southfields Academy and Barn Owls Nursery had their own individual gatherings. Southfields Academy’s visit is always something of a highlight, not only because they join in with our provision collection for The Ace of Clubs, but because they always turn up with microphones and amps, and sing. In previous years they have given a rendition of Amazing Grace which has put our Sunday morning efforts to shame, but this year 2 great young singers, including one who had written her own song, added to the occasion with more secular but soulful performances.

Barn Owl’s Nursery tested my communication skills with toddlers- I am not sure my talk about the production of maize, from field to tin, went across that well- but I certainly enjoyed hearing the story of the Little Fat Hen!

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