A lot of change in a very short time

Looking for a bill that had gone awol I discovered a file in the vestry. It turned out to be PCC minutes for 1993 to 1999.Reading through there were a lot of familiar themes- having trouble contributing to the running of the diocese and problems with lights and heating! But also I came across the notification that a new Cof E Secondary school was being mooted and the first plan to re-develop the church site in collaboration with the local doctor’s surgery.
The demographic shift, partly resulting from the arrival of St Cecilias , and the boom of Blair’s Britain, was hardly taking off just 12 short years ago!The church only began to become financially viable in about 2003, when the congregation finally reached a size that meant it would no longer require help from other parishes.With our plans to do the outstanding work required to the interior of the church and the parapets, and a committed, able and faithful membership, the next few years could be very exciting.

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