A Magical Christmas Fair!

SBC_ChristmasFair_whatWeNeedSaturday 28 November, 11.30AM to 2.30PM

It’s Christmas Fair time again! As with last year, profits will be going into our fundraising appeal coffers to improve our church buildings. This year we have the excitement of a young MAGICIAN who will be performing at intervals throughout the event, plus, as always, delicious lunches provided by Ali/Sarah and team.

This is a list of things we need:

  • Grand Raffle: Great high-value (i.e. £10+) prizes for the raffle. If you have ‘connections’ and can get hold of items that ‘can’t be bought’, such as signed books / sporting goods, please let us know.
  • There will be a bottle tumble, a sweets tumble and a general tumble. We need at least 100 bottles and lots of sweets / chocolate / ‘smells’ / good quality gifts of any kind donated by 27th November. Bottles don’t have to be alcohol (but it helps…).
  • Cellophane bags (for the sweets) - specifically the type greetings cards are packaged in, the larger the better.
  • These are things that sell really well – we can never have enough: homemade cakes, cookies, jam, marmalade. There is some room in the church freezer, so cakes can be baked in advance and frozen.
  • A dress rail for the designer clothes plus a persuasive saleslady!
  • Two people to run some craft activities for the small children.
  • Items for the second-hand book, toy, designer clothes, costume jewellery and vintage stalls (the latter will include collectables and good-quality household items / ornaments), but please only bring in really saleable items. Donations should be stowed neatly in the choir stalls as soon as possible  so we can sort through them well in advance. We would really prefer NOT to have donations of second-hand goods later than 26th November.

These are ways you can help:

  • Can you help to sort goods in the week before the fair, and/or move furniture and boxes on the day before (am or pm)? We need some people with strong arms/backs!
  • Please could you lend us any fairy lights (please label them – you’ll have them back on the 29th) or donate long strands of silver tinsel?
  • Can you run / help on a stall on the day? Please sign up on the sheets provided on the Welcome Table.
  • Encourage all your friends and neighbours to come. Nearer the time, take handbills and posters and put them up in your windows or local shops. Most important - come along to the fair yourselves!


Jennie: jennieallen@virginmedia.com | 07720 731735

Chloe: chloeksjones@btinternet.com | 07742 390588



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