A must read for thinking christians

A very brief and hasty review of Francis Spufford’s new book, Unapologetic.As the title indicates the author is un-embarrassed by his faith and produces a very sharp, funny and moving account of what being a christian feels like from the inside.

The puff for the book suggests that it is a counter-blast to the the anti-religious writings of Hitchens and Dawkins, but although it does deliver a few well aimed and deserved blows to some of their weakest arguments- such as Hitchens’s well publicised groundless assertion that Martin Luther King was only a nominal christian- its main strength is to ground faith in common and perfectly explicable aspects of human experience; most notably the human tendency to get things horribly wrong. It is full of insight and reflected upon anecdotes- if you read this book, which is a must, you will never sing Amazing Grace again without flinching and feeling the power of redemption.

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