A pilgrimage to Lindisfarne

The six of us who spent a long weekend there returned yesterday evening in time for a return to normal life, or in my case for a PCC meeting! Although I am skeptical about any unique qualities existing in the ancient ‘Celtic’ Church a number of the distinctive elements attributed to it effected all of those who attended. Lindisfarne’s reputation as a ‘thin place’, like other island places, where God seems near enough to touch, is magnified by the clarity of light and the amount of horizon the eye can take in. The eery whistling of seals and curlews, and the history of travel and prayer, combine to make thought of the spiritual, the mystical and the transcendent inescapable. We were made very welcome by the community at Marygate House and none of us are likely to forget the strong grip of silence that descended upon us,as if by grace, when we went down into the crypt, as palpable as the gale that had earlier wrapped itself around us when we were out doors!

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