An excuse for indifference?

I came across an article in the Sunday Times by that professional grouch Rod Liddle, in which he fired salvos at Bob Geldof for objecting to the way the media was covering a story that insisted that 95% of the millions of dollars Live Aid raised for the starving of Ethiopia ended up in the pockets of arms traders. Liddle seemed to like the allegation because it gave support to his dislike of aid and aging rockstars.

 Paul Vallely, to my mind a much more reliable reporter, argues that the original story is dodgy, because its source is a disaffected former rebel leader and the details don’t  add up! The original claim, Vallely insists, was that it was Christian Aid that was duped, to the tune of $2 million in 1984- the year before any Live Aid money found its way to the beleaguered country- and although there was a donation by Band Aid to one potentially fraudulent group, the rebels’ aid agency Rest, in 1985 only $307,000 was involved. I wonder who I should believe????

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