Arts Festival for next year?

The lack of support I had from local businesses and community leaders for this year’s festival has slightly discouraged me from trying to organise a  similar event at a similar time next year-the occurence of Wimbledon’s annual Bookfest at almost the same time also played a part in my decision .

Instead I am trying to set up some events in the early summer. Having already invited Frank Field to come on the 19th June to preach about Henry Scott Holland, and having heard from the students at SCC that events towards the end of term are better for them, I decided to try to arrange a festival focussed on St Barnabas’ Patronal Festival on June 12th.

John Barton, who is a Professor at Oxford with an expertise on the bible-its history and interpretation- is joining us, as is James Hannam whose book, God’s Philosophers has just been shortlisted for the Royal Society’s Science book prize for 2010.  I am hoping to get one more major writer and organise some musical and literary events.  And I will need help with hosting and practicalities at the time.

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