Birds of Heaven for St Barnabas Southfields.

Within the next week some nesting boxes for swifts will be installed on the north side of the church. These remarkable birds are associated with Easter across the Mediterranean, as they arrive there at about the same time as the swallows visit our more northern shores. They really do need special places set apartĀ  for them as so many of their traditional nesting sites have been lost, so churches are one of their remaining havens. All the green space around the church also means that there will be plenty of small insects for them to eat.

Success is not certain but we will be increasing our chances of luring in some passing swifts by playing the sound of a swift nesting colony from the Vicarage. Swifts are remarkable birds that despite looking like swallows and martins are relatives of those other remakable fliers, hummingbirds, and they have the ability to sleep on the wing at a height of 10,000 feet.