Books of the Year

That is one of the things I hate most about the Newspapers on the run up to Christmas, but I am tempted to do a very short belated version for January but one which is about books read rather than published, but only covers this Winter

The Railway Man, by Eric Lomax, which I fear will not translate to film however stellar the cast.

The Science Delusion, by Curtis White, who takes a witty swing against the pretensions of hubristic scientists from the perspective of a commitment to the insights of Romanticism.

The Experience of God, by David Bentley Hart, a rich concoction of philosophy, theology, religious studies and irony, in which most of the debate between atheists and theists is revealed to be a gun fight between straw men.

The Secret Agent, by Joseph Conrad, an anatomy of terrorism which I should have read when I studied( attended) A level English Classes.

Dark Matter, by Michelle Paver, which is a boy’s own MR James story with ice-bergs.

The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, by Caspar Henderson, which is about peculiar but enchanting creatures, such as barrel sponges and humans and what they might signify.

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