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Then not only can you see for yourself the incredibly thoughtful and balanced leader article by Rowan Williams, which some journalists have tried to sensationalise, but also some of the other articles he commissioned in his one off role as guest editor. An interview with Tom Hollander, star of ‘Rev’, Philip Pullman explaining what it means to be a Church of England atheist, think pieces by Gordon Brown and Iain Duncan Smith,and a fine joke from Richard Curtis about confusing the clever Rowan, who is a clergyman ,with the other Rowan who has made a career out of pretending to be a very dim clergyman. Much more including some more wit from Terry Eagleton.

‘It is scarcely a caricature of Dawkins’s work to suggestv we are all getting nicer and nicer and that if it wasn’t for religious illusion, we would collectively outdo Kenneth Clark in sheer civility( I refer to the deceased patrician art critic, not the living, beer-bellied politician.) One might call it the view from north Oxford.’

Plus the delightful Victoria Coren on the sinfulness of poker!

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