Celebrating Marjorie Middlecoat

On Saturday night over 60 peopleĀ  of all ages came to the New hall to say farewell to Marjorie, who will be moving to Suffolk shortly to be nearer to her sister Dorothy, and the rest of her family. She was given a silver tray, some bubbly and a cheque in gratitude for all that she has contributed to the life of the parish over the last 40 years. Kindness, good humour and a deep faith have sustained her as she has taken on almost every role necessary to run a church like St Barnabas, including church-warden, sunday school teacher and sacristan. Generosity and wise counsel have been among her specialities.

God’s speed Marjorie! At least we all know you will be visiting as regularly as you can manage!

One thought on “Celebrating Marjorie Middlecoat

  1. My Mum was overwhelmed by the wonderful tributes paid to her and Dorothy in recognition of their long association with the St Barnabas family. It all began when I was married there in 1977. Mum and Dorothy loved every moment of church life, and it is a huge wrench for them both to have to go. It’s a big adventure for us all, and I know Mum will soon carve herself a niche in her new community. Dorothy is comfortably settled in her very nice care home and loves to receive your cards and goodwill messages. Please do take up Mum’s offer for you to visit us in Sudbury, nothing could give her greater pleasure!
    Thank you everyone for your loving kindness, my very best wishes, Linda xx

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