Childrens and Youth Worker Project and Building a Community.

Plans are still taking shape for this exciting development. We are looking at producing  a job desciption and putting out ads soon.

Through the SGRA we have just secured a grant to pay for our community garden project and the Southfields Memories Project, so thanks to the administrators of the Big Society fund at Wandsworth Council.

I spoke at length today to Gill Habershon, of the Triangle Residents Association, who is rightly concerned about the lack of local interest in such groups. Her anxiety chimed with the comments of a Putney Councillor, that in a recent public meeting GP’s didn’t have much idea what councillors actually did. There are so many avenues available for having a voice and making a difference, but most of us seem to be disengaged with them. It is easy to blame the system or the individuals who do take responsibility for all the ills that effect society, but is not  our choices to pursue narrow self interest and embrace a  convenient  cynicism part of the problem too?

You could help by coming to the concert on Saturday or to meet Justine Greening in October!

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