Christian Aid Week blues

A few people were disinterested or hostile, which always makes collecting a challenge. What surprises me most though is how despite its annual advertising campaign on TV and its huge impact of the Jubilee 2000 campaign, which it led, so many people are unaware of the charity’s name or purpose. It is well worth soldiering on though as all the monies help to transform lives and I was gratified to notice that mentioning that Rowan Williams is at its helm did elicit a sense of recognition and delight. Thanks are due, as always, to Helen for organising everything.

One thought on “Christian Aid Week blues

  1. Ugh – well done to you and all collectors . I did it for about 8 years then couldnt face it the year my mother died and havent girded my loins since. I have promised Helen I’ll dip my toe in the water again next year.

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