Christmas Dinner with rice anybody?

On Wednesday I joined the Age Activity Centre in Tooting for lunch, which turned out to be a hugely enjoyable and inspiring event. We have had a small extension of this amazing centre meeting in the hall every Tuesday morning, which so far has failed to attract more than half a dozen regular attenders.

I was surprised therefore, after a short walk and bus journey, to walk into a large hall and find a gathering of over 100 people chatting away and excited about the meal which was about to be served. Most people were from the Carribean and a very impassioned conversation went on over lunch about the use of the term small islander to belittle, but the mood of the lunch was celebratory and familial. I was warmly greeted and delighted to be able to stay long enough to be invited to say the blessing after the meal, which charmingly included a prayer for God’s Providence upon the raffle of prizes donated by Harrods.

The dinner was great too and along with turkey, roast potatoes, and the accursed sprouts, included tasty rice and salad. I was rebuked by Cynthia opposite for not eating all my greens so it really did feel just like a family Christmas.

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