Congratulations to Bishop Powell.

Many of you are aware that we host the New Testament Assembly on Sunday afternoons.This afternoon I attended the consecration of that Church’s new presiding bishop at their main church in Tooting. I have heard Bishop Powell preach a couple of times and have had a few short conversations with him and think that his appointment is good news for all the churches in Britain. His is not a huge church but it is one of the thriving Pentecostal churches, which combines the energy of youth with the ability to adapt quickly to changes in society. Under Bishop Powell’s wise leadership I think it will contribute engaged grown up faith and energy to help re-build civil society.

Funny thing happened on the way to church! A couple of rowdy youngish people spotted my dog -collar, and turned on me to let me know in clear terms that they didn’t like ‘vicars’, and did not believe in God. Once we left the bus they preceded me, sending up imprecations to the Almighty. Either they were very confused or were budding performance artists.

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