Congratulations to Geraldine Alexander on her first play, Amygdala.

Many of you will remember Geraldine from her stunning performance, with Jasper Britton, in last year’s Arts Festival, when they performed  love scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, back to back.

While that provided a roller-coaster ride of delicacy, passion, tragedy and grace, her first original play is darker in tone, and deals more exclusively with the trouble that love can cause. A three hander it hinges on the 3 way relationship between a repressed psychiatrist and two of his clients, a traumatised mother and her lover. I won’t give the exact plot away because it still runs at ‘the print room’ in Bayswater until the 14th, but it is brilliantly acted and most of the writing is sharp and convincing. A story that could easily have become a melodrama also resists being a tragedy and it handles the subject of love with great subtelty.

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