From Poll Tax protests to Santa Claus

It was over two decades ago that I sat in the study of  the Dean of Clare College,Nicholas Sagovsky, with a couple of gifted students and discussed the best way to protest peacefully against the most unfair tax of modern times. To be honest my contribution was minimal in that I had little constructive to offer beyond emotional support!

 Nicholas Sagovsky has continued to be a thoughtful and gentle contributor to debates about social justice. Last year he was in the news when he tried to deliver gifts to the children at Yarl’s Wood detention centre at St Nicholas-tide- an interview with him on that occasion can be found on Youtube! He is presently canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey and is the author of the recent study,  Christian Tradition and the Practice of Justice.

He will be at St Barnabas on Tuesday the 15th June this year to talk about and discuss Justice in contemporary society.

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