Individual faith and independent thinking

This morning at the eucharist we celebrated the late C14th life of Margery Kempe. She is usually honoured as one representative of the british spiritual tradition, along with better known figures such as Julian of Norwich, but she was also something of a firebrand. At a time when lay people -especially lay women- were expected by the male priestly hierarchy to be submissive, she insisted on speaking out frankly about her religious experiences and what she thought about the faith in general. A reminder perhaps that we all have to own our faith for ourselves; what we know of God and how we respond to Christ’s teaching. Dismissive atheists like the term sheeple to describe christians- if only they had heard of Margery Kempe!

One thought on “Individual faith and independent thinking

  1. I like the term ‘sheeple’. It’s like a catchy version of ‘rational sheep’. I think we should steal it from the atheists!

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