Lent Courses

The tradition of taking time in Lent to try to deepen personal faith, particularly in an area where one feels inadequate, or in  one that you feel  that you could do better, is well established. Every year dozens of Lent books and courses are produced, and in my more cynical moments I would be tempted to categorise them as the good,  the bad and ugly.Although that is probably just a matter of personal taste!

This year, to make things easier Joy has had a close look at some of the books available and together we have decided to recommend two, one being commissioned by Rowan Williams- Love Unknown, by Ruth Burrows – and the other Finding a Voice, by Hilary Brand. The first is an exploration of the God we encounter in the Bible- who differs greatly from the one we often think we know- and the second draws on the successful film ‘ The King’s Speech’, which encourages greater confidence in faith and one’s own take on it. Although many people find the most fruitful way to approach Lent courses and books is to share ideas and experience together in groups there is no reason not to join in by reading one of the books in private, and seeing what insights it might being.

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