Michael Symmons Roberts at St Barnabas

At 8pm on April 24th our 2012 festival will begin, with Whitbread prize winning poet and librettist, Michael Symmons Roberts. Tickets will be £7.50 each and will be avilable from the church office from March onwards. Edgelands, which Michael co-wrote with fellow poet, Paul Farley, has just been published in paperback and has won acclaim from such doyens of landscape writing as Richard Mabey and Robert  Macfarlane.

Here is one of Michael’s poems-Time To Leave The Safe House

Time to leave the lemon trees,

gardens flaked with roses.

Time to slam the bolts back,

break the paint seal on sash frames.

Time to smash the searchlights,

cut the wires on auto-gates.

Time to let the dogs loose,

to form packs in the forests.

Time to roam the strrets,

disarmed and sated, open-hearted.

Time to see darkness as nothing

but absence of light, danger

as nothing but safety withdrawn,

absence as nothing at all.

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