Not quite the whole story

A couple of weeks ago there were headlines declaring that the Pope’s press officer had put the blame for clerical child abuse squarely at the door of the secular society. As a way of eliciting gasps of outrage a brilliant move but not one conducive to accuracy or fairness!

In the actual pieceĀ  Fr Federico Lombard SJ was deeply apologetic, open about mistakes and clear about the valuable insights such secular disciplines as psychology and medicine could bring to prevent further lapses. He also expressed the penitence many in the media had been crying out for, but that was not the story they wanted to tell. Instead they zoomed in on the paragraph beginning-

It has been observed that the frequency of abuses coincided with the most intense period of the ‘sexual revolution’ of past decades. Formation( priestly) must take account of this context…

So not quite the exercise in passing the buck that the media suggested!

And also not such a weird point of view when a film by a man prosecuted for a sexual crime against a minor in that very era is doing so well in the box office!

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