Orange Tips and heating systems

Two afternoons this week were taken up with visitations from various experts, all trying to get to the bottom of the strange behaviour and electricity hunger of our vicarage heating system.At one stageĀ  6 people were all trying to get into our plant room.It turns out that the problem seems to be a few malfunctioning valves which should be sorted out soon. At one stage I decided I had to get away for a moment from all the discussions about a technology I could not fathom, so took a quick turn around the church yard.The changes certainly seem to have been good for the local butterfly population because in the space of 10 seconds I saw an Orange Tip and a Holly Blue. The former is very conspicuous this time of the year as it likes to display its colourful wing tip to any prospective mate and the latter is very fond of all places where holly and ivy grow!

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