Our parish link with Zimbabwe

This afternoon I attended a meeting with representatives from other parishes which have links with parishers in Zimbabwe and members of the MU, convened by the Bishop of Kingston, where we were able to meet  the Bishop of Matabeleland, Cleophas Longa, and hear about the situation faced there by our fellow Anglicans.

The 5 years of coalition came to an end in July leading to another uncertain era for the country- already 700 foreign companies have pulled out of the capital Harare and another 100 from Bulawayo, the chief city of Matabeleland. Our diocese struggles to raise enough money to keep going due to the low level of giving by church members, but our situation hardly compares with a diocese which is forced to sell some of its precious cattle to pay the stipends of its clergy.

When David Pollendine came to visit us on Sunday he said how important it is that the Street Pastorsa know they are prayed for. This is probably even more vital for our link parish in Zimbabwe, so this Christmas time do please find a moment to remember Fr Issells Ngwenya and his parish of the Holy Family.

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