Pope Benedict is not so bad

The internet is as good at spreading disinformation as it is at informing. It is easy to come across the argument that the current Pope is a Nazi because he was a member of a compulsory youth organisation, the Hitler Youth.

It is even possible to find photographs of him performing a Nazi salute, although it is not always pointed out that it is really just a cropped photograph of him celebrating mass, and one  not taken until 1951!

I once heard the then Cardinal Ratzinger give a public lecture and found his legalistic and dogmatic frame of mind extremely uncongenial- to me he will always been on the wrong side of the arguments about the second Vatican council!

But despite his flaws he does not come very high up the league table of Papal wickedness.  Far above him sit the clutch of egotistical hedonists who ushered out the middle ages and ushered in the age of humanism. Sixtus 1v who made nepotism and the sale of church offices  a way of life, Alexander v1 who simply bought the appointment in 1492 and Leo X whose motto was God has given us the papacy-let us enjoy it,who together with  others left a mixed legacy of great art and a broken church. As one historian pointed out they combined the worst aspects of clerisy and human self assertion and thus stand as a warning to believers and secularists alike.

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