Rev, a review.

I could not resist plugging this unusual and quite brave new comedy about the life of an inner city vicar. True to life last night’s episode dwelled on the issue of parents seeking to obtain access to a church school by any means possible. Although I have never yet come across anything as extreme as the MP featured who decided to bribe the vicar for the desired school place! And it was funny!

3 thoughts on “Rev, a review.

  1. Oh yes, I really enjoyed this – very funny. It is beautifully written and acted, and made me hoot with laughter, dab away tears at times, and made me think too. The relationship between the vicar and his wife is great – actually pretty much all the characters are great. Nevertheless, it is a subtle portrait of a real man and some of the trials and tribulations of life behind the dog collar – questioning his faith, battling with the confusion of modern choices. Sensitive and excellent I thought. The final episode was fantastic for including a successor to David Brent in bad dancing scenes and also a very poignant ending. A touching way to end the series. Well worth seeing on iPlayer if you missed it. I really hope that they will do another series.

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