Schools and St Barnabas

It is very difficult to miss the tapestry produced by Sheringdale children- it hangs spectacularly behind the font- or the pictures of creatures, prehistoric and modern, which those at Riversdale have lent to us. With our close links with Southfields Community College, through visits, the remembrance day service and the mentoring scheme, it was good today to mark f irst in our relationship with St Cecilia’s. Many children who attend the church with their parents, of course, go on to our local Church of England Secondary school, but today,to celebrate their patron  saint’s day, about 160 students came to us.

It is part of a new iniative whereby all the children get a chance to taste the worship in the local anglican churches. What with the range of theological and liturgical styles  at St Paul’s, St Michael’s, Holy Trinity and St Barnabas, I am looking forward to hearing what the students made of the day!

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