Selborne revisited

We have just spent a day amidst the melting snows of Gilbert White’s home. No sooner had we left the car and turned in the direction of the famous zig-zag path, built by the famous clerical naturalist and his brother, than a stealthy sparrowhawk jetted overhead. A flock of great tits and blue tits, sensing its shadow, slid further into the cover of the beech trees.

This observation triggered an idea for a project. As Selborne is only about 45 minutes away by car and also easy to get to by train how about a monthly trip to the village next year to compare notes. I could time my visits so that I could coincide with the anniversaries of his famous diary entries in the C18th and note changes and similarities and reflect on the value of his scientific observations and theological insights? The question is, if I was to do so, would anyone be interested if I posted in this blog- or would I be simply talking to myself cybernetically? ( sic?)

One thought on “Selborne revisited

  1. Rob and I would both be interested – never been to Selbourne but it is a place we mean to go to. It’s a very good idea I think!

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