The Festival so far

The art work made by children form Sheringdale and Riversdale is beginning to appear around the church now. I will pick up the Sheringdale Tapestry this afternoon.

And it was great to see so many visitors joining us to meet Ruth Padel and Tracy Chevalier. Ruth’s skill at combining erudition with exact observation in her work, and presenting it so dramatically- without drama!- was spell-binding. Tracy scared me by asking me to interview her but then made it a delightful experience by virtually interviewing me! Both writers seemed to strike up a brilliant rapport with their audiences.

The choral music at the harvest festival service was enjoyed hugely by all who were present, including the musicians and singers, and we hope that the conducter, Marvin Perrott, will be able to join us at least annually to do something similar.

One thought on “The Festival so far

  1. I am so glad to hear that the the festival is proving such a success. I am ashamed to say I have still not read Tracy Chevalier’s latest book, I do have a copy and am hoping to tackle it in November when I am on holiday. It would have been nice to have met her.

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