The Hall

Booking The Church Halls

Our  Halls are now open for booking. There are now 4 spaces available for hire. We run the halls as part of our commitment to the community and although they raise revenue for us they are not profit making, so we ask all hirers to respect them and look after them so that they can be enjoyed by local residents for many years to come. NB all names are merely working titles and all prices are open to revision!

  • The Patio Room

A large space with the possibility of access to a patio area and a kitchen.

  • The Mirror Room

A smaller area adjacent to the above, with a tea point. Ideal for fitness classes but serviceable for other uses too.

  • The Parish Room

At the back of church, with a small kitchen.

  • The Upper Room

A comfortable carpeted area ideal for small meetings.

For more detailed information please look at Frequently Asked Questions page.

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