The swift boxes are now up.

Thanks to Steve and his team from R&S Roofing the swift boxes are now in place and can be seen clearly from Lavenham Road. See the picture below and if you can spot the box!

When the swifts begin to arrive in the middle of the Spring, we will play a CD of the sound of nesting swifts from the vicarage. This is a tried and tested method of attracting swifts to see if a suitable site is in the vicinity. Success is certainly not guaranteed and there might be quite a few years before we have any success.  The boxes were made by John Stimson who works from his garage near Ely in Cambridgeshire who in the last four years has made over 2,000 swift boxes which are now installed all over the country.  So far he reports a 35% success rate for nesting swifts.

John and Ian largeSwift box on Church