The wounded feelings of secularists and the wisdom of philosophers

One of the bug bears of the more vocal type of anti- theist is the respect agenda. They consider it to be ridiculous that any person of faith should object to having their feelings hurt by , what they deem to be, rational criticism. Oddly the National Secular Society is now trying to use the High Court to ban prayers at the beginning of Bideford Council meetings because of the offended feelings of one of its members, who serves as a councillor.Although he isĀ  free to miss them, or leave the chamber while the prayers are happening, and the council has twice voted to keep the tradition, the argument is that he is having his human rights violated. In typically analogically challenged fashioned the NSS has compared public prayers to Wicca or pornography! It must be very difficult being someone who , in the name of integrity, is duty bound to rage at the names of the days of the week ,and boycott shopping in December because of the perils of canned carols!

On a very different note today’s Start the Week, brought together 3 philosophers of very different stamp and notoriously firm opinion; Roger Scruton, Mary Warnock and Bernard- Henri Levy. Polite and reasonable in all their disagreements they concluded on a note of concord- in praise of the notion of original sin!

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