Two heads are better than none.

Mrs Juson lives in Hanford close, and it was because Joy had taken her husband’s funeral last year that I got to know her. I just dropped by one day to invite her to our annual All Souls Service in November. It was then that I noticed the parlous state of her windows- rotten in places with plenty of gaps for the cold to seep in- and the neglected garden area opposite her front door. The groundfloor in the close is reserved for the elderly and those who are disabled, and therefore tackling an area which also happens to slope upwards towards the back of Astonville Street is not really feasible for the residents.

In conversation with Wandsworth council, wearing my Residents Association hat, I have instigated a gardening project for next year. The council is asking the residents their wishes for the area, a local gardening group has expressed an interest, as have the Royal Marine Reserve, and the council has committed itself to providing and planting 25 shrubs. The hope is that we, the local community, can then fund and action planting of ground cover plants and bulbs, and help the residents to turn a dead-spot into a place of sanctuary and beauty. This project is one of the planks in our Vision action plan, so I am hoping that some of you who expressed an interest in practical caring for the more vulnerable in our local community will feel that they can join in.

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