Walking around Wimbledon Park.

I bumped into Nick Steiner yesterday who announced that one of the long-standing problems caused by the Wimbledon Tennis effect had been solved- bollards and accompanying signs at the juncture of Revelstoke Road with Elsenham to stop the visitors who think they can drive into the park at that point getting a shock and having to back-track with chaotic consequences. So this afternoon I took the opportunity to visit the park and take a look for myself. Indeed the sensible and simple traffic control measures were stilll in place; so congratulations to those who through the typically British combination of complaining and pragmatism found a solution!

I had heard complaints that the wild-flowers in the park were lacklustre compared to last year, which indeed they were, but they still provided a cheering splash of colour and were more authentically native meadow like due to the preponderance of poppies and cornflowers. Other positives I spotted included the continuing improvement of the water garden near the cafe, the fact that the lake was in use for sailing lessons despite all the other activities going on, and the presence of an old-fashioned kick- about in the middle of the sportsfield. The coffee shop in Revelstoke Road has been very busy too, so much to celebrate in a fortnight which usually generates so many local grumbles.

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