We could have done without the overdose of John Lennon!

I am suffering with withdrawal symptoms already! It was marvellous to be able to attend the Olympics and, through a stroke of luck, on so called Super Saturday. We did not have the best view, but to see Jessica Ennis excel at the long jump and javelin, and to witness the early heats of the 100 metres was  a genuine once in a life-time event. My only disappointment was to have to watch Mo Farah lead the way home in the 10,000 metres from the comfort of my own sofa, as when aged 9, thanks to the example of such as David Bedford and Brendan Foster, I had decided that one day I would represent my country at  that event. Alas not all our dreams can be fulfilled.

It was good  to hear Peter Hitchens, on Radio 4 this morning, maintaining his position as chief doom- leader for a declining nation, with a scornful attack on the closing ceremony, as evidence of the emptiness and triviality of  our times. I quite enjoyed the ceremony myself, but was as mystified as he by the inclusion of a few super-models( everything seems to be super these days) and put into a Hitchens level grump at having to endure Imagine twice. The first time there was even a statue of John Lennon’s face created in some gesture to his enduring greatness.

But the best thing about it was the unnoticed irony  of viewing a montage of competitors, many unembarrassed to display their religion by gestures of crossing and track kissing, and all utterly delighted at having won an event for their country and proudly clutching their medals, as John Lennon plaintively asks us to imagine a world with no countries, religion or possessions. That would be one with no joyous Olympics then?

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