Why we need the wild!

An interesting coincidence that in this week’s New Statesman John Gray was praising Rowan Williams for arguing that the Narnia books emphasise the need we have for animals. while elsewhere the poet John BurnsideĀ  was saying how much we need the poetry of animal encounters now that the real thing is so rare. Williams writes,’ human beings are always already embedded in their relations to the natural world’, Burnside laments that’ it takes a true encounter to realise that real animals, have all but passed from our lives.’ This all links in with the National Trust’s invention of Nature deficitĀ  disorder, so I suspect that its founder, Octavia Hill, whose centenary falls this year, would have agreed that we are in ever increasing danger of suffering from Aslan syndrome. But unlike in the childrens’ books we are on the verge of loosing the lions and their wild kin forever!

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