Young at St Barnabas and Schools

Sunday School and other activities for children.

The 4 churches youth club next meets on Sunday September 25th at St Barnabas.

The next Worshipping Together Service will be on 2nd October for Harvest

Most weeks there are between 10 and 20 children between the ages of 0 and 14 in church. At least once a month the whole congregation worships together and younger members participate by reading lessons, leading the prayers or acting in one of our regular plays, which explore faith in the modern worlds or re-tell traditional biblical stories.

For the youngest children there is a crèche and 4 other groups cater for older children.

Yellow: Reception and year 1 meet in the Mirror hall.

Orange : Years 2 and 3 in the Main hall.

Green : Years 4 and 5 in one half of the Upper room.

Blue: Year 6 and above in the other half of the Upper room.

All children stay in church with their families for the beginning of the service and return in time for the Eucharistic Prayer, so that they can learn more about faith without becoming detached from the worship which is at the heart of our Sunday mornings together.

To become a member of Young Worshippers all children need to be registered – forms are at the back of church. We take every care with safety and all leaders working with young people on have to be DBS checked.

Young Worshippers – Creche facilities are available weekly and most weeks there are 4 other groups catering for older children – our Children’s work co-ordinator is Judith Atkins and she can be contacted on

Children also help to lead worship by reading lessons, leading the prayers, serving or participating in our drama group.


Sunday School will be meeting on the 11th September  . Families with children are welcome at all our services.


Fridays from 10am from until 12 noon. Play-space, Storytime (including tales with Christian themes) Good coffee available.

Registration on arrival essential, please contact Carole Birkbeck on 020 8874 9617, if you have any questions.


Meets on Wednesdays at 6.30. Contact Holly Hayes for details.


Parents who wish to attend any of the local schools, particularly local church schools, need to find out what the admissions criteria are and fulfil them. Most require attendance at church at least twice per month and some want a greater degree of involvement. We do keep records of attendance and other kinds of involvement which provides an accurate data set so that we can be strictly honest when asked to verify parents’ and children’s involvement. This is the only way to guarantee fairness to all applicants.