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Latest news about Ibba Girls School and Glassdoor Night Shelter

We have just received a thank you letter from the Ibba Girls School in the Southern Sudan for the £327 collected during Lent this year. Thanks to all who have generously helped to support that beacon of hope and education.

Last week we had a good review of our work with Glassdoor Night Shelter and we appreciated Ben’s time with us. We will start again in November and it seems likely that we will be welcoming women too this year and are considering helping with breakfast. Anyone interested in helping with what is the largest Night Shelter for the homeless in London do get in touch. you don’t have to be  a church member to get involved.

Operation East-End- up-date

I have just been up on the scaffold to take a look at progress being made. All the dead plaster has been removed and the walls are being prepared for plastering over the next week.Some photos can be seen on the St Barnabas Twitter feed.

Christian Aid week and Rogation. A guest preacher

We are very pleased that Kathy Childress of Christian Aid will be joining us on the 1st of May. There will be 2 films,one for younger members of the church, and a planting ceremony in the churchyard after the service.  Kathy has a very powerful personal story of how she got involved with Christian Aid.

Farewell to Zelda and friends

After 16 or so years with us the New Testament Assembly church has had to close. We will be praying for Zelda and her flock this Sunday as they hold their last service with us. They are having a special celebration from about 1pm to which we are all invited. Bishop Delroy Powell will be leading the service.

Welcome to St Barnabas for Christmas

The Christmas services are in the final stages of preparation. We have a traditional 9 Lessons and Carols on the 20th at 6pm. Followed by refreshments in our hall.

Our Nativity Service with carols and high quality drama is at 4pm on Christmas Eve. Traditional Midnight Mass and Christmas Morning service follow.

Hall Bookings

Our halls are open for hire.

We are delighted to be welcoming back regular group activities, both for children and for adults.

As of April 23, 2022, we will have limited availability for party hire.  For the time being, we are prioritizing users who live in the parish of St Barnabas or are church members, as we want to support our local community as we come out of Covid restrictions.  Click here for details.

We run the halls as part of our commitment to the community.  Although they raise revenue for us, they are not profit making, so we ask all hirers to respect them and look after them so that they can be enjoyed by local residents for many years to come.

NB: all hall names are merely working titles, and all prices are open to revision!

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