Chris Rapley talk.

What with the church lights playing up and the  projector cable going missing it could have been a disaster. But thanks to the skill of a speaker with such a grasp of the subject it all went well. Over 50 people attended and we learned more about why the jet stream keeps wandering back and forth- the reducing gap between the temperatures at the north pole and the equator have set it wobbling- and why politicans seems so disinclined to tackle climate change- the public don’t nag them via their mail bags enough- and why intelligent people side-step the science- its inconvenient big time being just part of the answer!

Listening to Professor Rapley re-inforced my view that we need to rehabilitate the notion of the public intellectual and the public forum. There was so much more substance in what he had to say than ever gets on to the air-waves, and no need to go for BBC’s obligatory balance, whereby someone who is informed has 30 seconds to make a point before someone who isn’t gets a right of reply.

Lovely as it is this means that even the Today programme seems to be an arena for a kind of institutional heckling.

2 thoughts on “Chris Rapley talk.”

  1. This was a really, really interesting talk and Prof. Rapley made such a lot of sense but it is very hard to get your head around the salient facts. It is such a huge thing to deal with. Left me thinking that as individuals (apart from living in a way that is sensitive to the environment), we do need to get lobbying our MPs in a more organised fashion…

  2. Hi Claire,
    I think you are right. The good thing is, as he says, that we can all reduce our footprint considerably with abit of effort, but with the current batch of MP’s who have ideological problems with the facts we really do need to put pressure on. Justine for example has made a stand against the expansion of Heathrow but I suspect disturbance of her constituents peace is more of a spur than concerns about climate change. Maybe if we all exercise out consciences the sleeplessness caused by worry about the environment may eclipse that caused by low flying aircraft? And thanks for your prayers this morning.

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