Funerals at St Barnabas

Death is a subject which we normally avoid discussing, and there are very few people who actually make plans for their funerals. So when someone close to us dies, we are often unprepared and do not quite know what to do or where to go.

The best thing to do is prepare in advance. Do feel free to contact me for advice and do not be afraid to ‘shop around’ for Funeral Directors, as they are not all the same and many now are not Independent or family run.

There are many formalities that need to be taken care of, but the first step is to register the death with the local authority Registrar. Once this is done, most people then contact a local firm of undertakers, who are able to advise on the organisation of the funeral, and discuss the various options. You should also check the will of the deceased in order to find out whether any wishes have been expressed about the funeral.

It is always possible to hold a funeral service in the church of St Barnabas, and if this is your wish, then the funeral director would contact the vicar in order to agree on a suitable day and time. You may of course want to discuss this yourself with the vicar beforehand. Alternatively, the service can take place at one of the local crematorium or cemetery chapels.

Once the place, date and time have been settled, the vicar will then contact you and normally come and visit in order to discuss specific wishes, choose hymns if appropriate, as well as obtain information about the deceased.

If you have any particular questions or concerns, please contact the vicar.

For more specific information about funerals and bereavement,
please visit

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