Getting Confirmed or admitted to First Communion at St Barnabas

People who have been baptised may be confirmed provided they are old enough to renew for themselves the promises made for them at their baptism by their parents and godparents. At St Barnabas, because we admit children from the age of seven to communion, we normally would expect candidates for confirmation to be 13 or over, and most of our recent candidates have been adults who have wanted to make this next important step on their faith journeys. Confirmation is a public acknowledgement by each candidate that they accept full implications of what a Christian life entails. It is a mature step which requires of each candidate that they approach their faith with
honesty and their relationship with God with great seriousness as well as joy.

St Barnabas offers an annual preparation course leading towards confirmation, which lasts about 6 weeks; this year it will begin at the beginning of May. Confirmation takes place once a year in the Deanery of Wandsworth, usually in June or July. This year it will be at St Barnabas on Sunday the 14th July. The service is normally taken either by the Bishop of Southwark or the Area Bishop of Kingston. This year there will be drop in at 11.30 on 5th May, for anyone who is thinking about being confirmed this year. It will be in the Mirror Room.

First Communion at St Barnabas

In Luke chapter 9, Jesus said ‘ Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me.’ For many years St Barnabas church has followed the practice of welcoming children who have been baptised, are established members of the congregation, and over 7 years of age, to receive the bread and the wine along with the rest of their family.

The annual course

Once a year there is a short course to help the children understand the step they are taking. The course is usually run in the autumn , on Saturday morning and culminates in a special service – this year October 18th The first meeting will be at 11.30 on the 19th September, in the Lady Chapel. If you are interested please let Ian or Joy know.

Things to know

It is vital that any child admitted to first communion does so of their own choice, so parents need to discuss the matter carefully with them.

It is important that any child wishing to receive communion has been attending church services and young worshippers, together with their family for at least a year.

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