Halls FAQ

What rooms are available for hire?

  • Large Patio Hall – 75 sq. m. Capacity 60 with access to kitchen.
  • Small Mirror Hall – 50 sq. m. Capacity 40 with use of kitchenette.
  • Combined Hall (Patio and Mirror Halls opened into one) – 125 sq. m. Capacity 100
  • Upper Room (upstairs carpeted space) – 50 sq. m. Capacity 30.
  • Parish Room (small hall within church building) – 45 sq. m. Capacity 40.

How much does it cost to hire a hall?

*Rates from 23rd April 2022. NB: All rates are subject to regular review.

For regular users:

  • Patio Hall – £30.50 for first hour; £29 for every subsequent hour.
  • Mirror Hall – £22.50 per hour.
  • Upper Room – £22.50 per hour.
  • Parish Room – £22.50 per hour.

Lower rates are available for community events and charities.

To book the main church sanctuary, please contact the halls manager directly for details.

For parties (limited to parish residents and church members until further notice):

There are two spaces available at two 3-hour time slots on Saturdays only:

  • Patio Hall – £150; Saturdays 11am-2pm or 3-6pm.
  • Mirror Hall – £120; Saturdays 11am-2pm or 3-6pm.

We ask you to ensure that your guests leave as quietly as possible in order to avoid disturbing our neighbours.

Flexibility may be possible in some cases, and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

How do I go about booking?


You can email our church administrator at stbarnabassouthfieldsoffice@gmail.com or phone the office at 020 8480 2290

Please be sure to include your name, telephone number and address in your message. You may expect a reply within 2 or 3 days.


You can check availability by looking at the Hall calendar on the website.

We will accept a provisional booking pending receipt of a deposit cheque (see below for deposit rates) within a couple of days. Discuss with Claire about how to arrange this. If you do not want to go ahead with the provisional booking, please let us know immediately, by email if possible.

Do you hire the halls out to regular users?

We are happy to accommodate regular users if this does not conflict with church or community use. Please contact the Halls’ Manager. We regret we cannot provide storage facilities for equipment. Users will need to comply with insurance and Child Protection requirements.

How many people can be accommodated?

  • Large Hall 60
  • Small Hall 40
  • Combined Hall 90 -100
  • Upper Room : 30
  • Parish Room 40

What about tables and chairs?

The tables and chairs available within the complex are:

  • 15 large tables
  • 8 small square tables
  • 16 children’s tables
  • 30 children’s chairs
  • Access to 100 full size chairs

What are the dimensions?

  • Large Hall 75 sqm
  • Small Hall 50sq m
  • Combined Hall 125 sq m
  • Upper Room 50 sqm
  • Parish Room 45 sqm

Are there any events you do not allow?

Other than church events, we do not allow any teenage parties or bookings by people aged under 21.

We reserve our discretion to refuse bookings that conflict with the ethos of the church, may cause nuisance to our neighbours or disturb other hall users.

Do I need to provide a deposit?

No firm booking is made until the deposit is received. These are made by cheque, payable to ‘St Barnabas Halls’. They will not be cashed unless you cancel your booking or break the conditions of your hire.

The deposits are:

  • £200 for combined hall.
  • £100 for all other bookings.

Can I have a wedding reception?

Yes, some or all of the hall complex may be available. Special rates and deposit will apply. The Garden has been developed and is now perfect for photographs.Contact the Halls’ Manager for further details.

When do I pay the hall hire fee?

Payment is due one month before your event.

What about parking?

There is no parking provided. Access to the new halls’ complex is via a walkway. If you need access for catering equipment please discuss this with the Halls’ Manager at the time of booking. There is parking in the surrounding streets except on weekdays from 1.30-2.30pm. There is metered parking in the roads to the east of Merton Road. There are 2 disabled bays- please keep these clear as a courtesy to those hall and church users who have restricted movement.  

Can I use any outdoor space?

There is a patio adjacent to the large hall that may be accessed through the glazed doors. No ball games are permitted inside or outside the building and we ask that you do not disturb our neighbours with noise.

Can I have candles?

You can have small tea candles on the tables but not anywhere else. Any wax residue may result in a cleaning charge being deducted from the deposit.

Can I have a disco?

We do not have any equipment for this purpose but you may bring your own. The halls are in a residential area and noise must be kept to a reasonable level.

Can I put up decorations?

Nothing may be stuck to the walls or doors.

Do you provide a caterer?

No. Hirers must ensure that any caterers they employ comply with our terms and conditions of hire and specifically leave the kitchen and equipment in a clean and tidy condition and take all rubbish with them.

Can I leave rubbish?

No. All rubbish must be taken with you at the end of the hire. Failure to do so may result in a deduction from the deposit.

Do you provide child size tables and chairs?

Yes. We have 16 tables and 30 chairs plus some nursery size chairs.

Is there a kitchen and how is it equipped?

The Large Patio Hall has a kitchen and the Small Mirror Hall and the Parish Room have kitchenettes. The following equipment is available in the Kitchen:

  • Range cooker and hob, 2 fridges, dishwasher, kettles, urn, microwave
  • Small Mirror hall kitchenette: Kettle
  • Parish Room kitchenette: Fridge, urn, kettle

The dishwasher has a very fast cycle, please get the Halls’ Manager’s permission before using it. Read the instructions carefully before using it and ensure that all crockery has been returned to the cupboards before leaving.

Is there any crockery and cutlery?

The main kitchen has mugs, plates, bowls and cutlery but we do not supply any glasses.

The kitchenettes have mugs and a few plates. Any breakages must be reported and paid for.

What happens about cleaning?

Hirers are responsible for leaving the hall, kitchen and toilets in a clean, tidy condition, taking all rubbish home immediately after the event has ended. Mop, bucket, brooms etc are provided and some cleaning materials but it is  advisable to supplement these with your own and to bring your own tea towels and bin bags.

Terms and conditions

1) Anyone hiring any part of the church premises, including the halls, acknowledges that no tenancy is intended to be created between the church and any hirers and that no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them.

2) No spaces can be sub let

3) The space hired can only be used for the times agreed with the church

4) If the church requires the space required for another purpose it can terminate the agreement by giving 2 months notice

5) Buggies are not to be brought into the halls.

What do I do with the keys after my event?

When you are given the keys you will be told how to return them. The return must be done as soon as your hire period ends. Otherwise we may have to make a deduction from the deposit.

If you wish to discuss anything further please contact the Halls Manager, Claire Fox, on 0208 8480 2290

As of September 2018

Hall Bookings

Our halls are open for hire.

We are delighted to be welcoming back regular group activities, both for children and for adults.

As of April 23, 2022, we will have limited availability for party hire.  For the time being, we are prioritizing users who live in the parish of St Barnabas or are church members, as we want to support our local community as we come out of Covid restrictions.  Click here for details.

We run the halls as part of our commitment to the community.  Although they raise revenue for us, they are not profit making, so we ask all hirers to respect them and look after them so that they can be enjoyed by local residents for many years to come.

NB: all hall names are merely working titles, and all prices are open to revision!

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