Hall Booking Request

Our halls are open for hire!

Whether you are wanting to book a regularly repeating class or a one-off event, you can speed up the process by deciding which hall you would like to book and submitting a hall booking request form with your initial query. Please bear in mind that we do not accept bookings for Sundays, as the church is in use then for services and fellowship.

To determine which hall is right for you, view images of each hall in our Halls Gallery. Then follow the link to our Frequently Asked Questions page to study square meterage information and hourly rates. To determine if the hall you want is available, consult our Hall Bookings Calendar. Now you are ready to download and submit a booking request form. This will allow us to confirm availability and secure your provisional booking, pending payment of a £100 deposit. (See our FAQ page for how to pay the deposit.)

Please note that, as the form states, submitting a form implies that you accept the terms and conditions that apply to you, depending on which type of user you are.

To book a repeating event, download our regular user’s hall booking request form.

To book a one-off event, download our single-use hall booking request form.

We run the halls as part of our commitment to the community. Although they raise revenue for us, they are not profit-making, so we ask all hirers to respect them and look after them so that they can be enjoyed by local residents for many years to come.